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Planning at the level of the JMK

Land-use development principles of the South Moravian Region (hereunder the "ZÚR JMK")

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The Spatial Planning and Construction Code Department of the Regional Authority of the South Moravian Region mandatorily obtains,according to Section 37 (1) and Section 187 (3) of the Construction Code, the land-use planning principles, which is parallel to the existing land-use plans of large spatial units. The first ZÚR JMK are currently procured, which set out the basis requirements for functional and economical arrangement of land, that will define areas and corridors of supralocal importance and define requiremenst for their use in terms of the sustainable development of the South Moravian Region.
The ZÚR JMK will be published on the Geoportal of land-use planning of the JMK once being issued by the Assembly of the South Moravian Region.

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(October 2016)

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