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Data model of the Land-use analytical data of the South Moravian Region (hereunder the "ÚAP JMK")

The data model of the ÚAP JMK was acquired as part of the „Study of the proposal and upkeeping of the current status of the monitored phenomena of the ÚAP of the South Moravian Region“ from 2007 by AGERIS s.r.o. Its objective was to describe the basic methodological principles of developing the ÚAP from the provision of land-related data up to the creation of data as a background for analysing the spatial sustainable development.

The data model of the ÚAP JMK has been developed to facilitate the sharing and exchange of data between the providers or land-related data, the region and the individual municipalities with extended competence (ORP) in the South Moravian Region and it is continuously updated. It includes a logical and physical data model.

The legal consequences of using the JMK data model are covered by the copyright of the data model. Without the producer's consent, the study may not be used for other purposes than the development of land-use analytical data to the municipalities in the South Moravian Region. No factual modifications may be made in the study (in particular the data model) without the consent of OÚPSŘ JMK.

The index of the data providersis an open list of land data providers. Each provider is designated by a 4-figure code consisting of one letter and three digits. Furthermore, the ID No. and the ZÚJ codes are used to distinguish between the providers. The providers' index is continuously updated by the OÚPSŘ JMK.

This site publishes the current versions of the data model (logical and physical) and index of providers. Older versions of the data model are stored in an archive.


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